Holidays and Special Occasions

We found that many seniors were very interested in participating in a big celebration. We went to over 10 seniors buildings and initiated our “Senior Leaders” program to help encourage individual seniors to interact and become involved with their neighbours and peers by encouraging them to organize groups to attend our party.

We had full day events that provided entertainment AND interaction for the seniors. In the morning we had 3 different types of performances to keep the participants' interest. First up was the famous Senior Chinese Dancing Troop. With all of their members over the age of 65, this amazingly agile group of ladies performed a Tibetan Long Sleeve Dance and the Mongolian Dance. In full costume including fashioned slippers and headdress, this troop was definitely a sight to see!


Our next performance was Chinese Opera sung by David Lo, Maypo Lo, Judy Hung and Mrs. Li. And our most energetic performance was Disco Tai Chi performed by Mr. Gan.

In the afternoon we brought back our popular casino games booths for an interactive experience and a chance to win from over 500 prizes! There were a variety of games to choose from including Fish Shrimp & Crab, Fan Tan, Bingo and Roulette.


Lastly, our grand prizes, crafts activities and raffle draws make sure that no senior leaves empty handed!

In addition to a record numbers of participants we also would like to thank all of our volunteers who help make this occasion possible — over thirty in total! It is with all of our volunteer support that we manage to continue to provide a high ratio of volunteers to seniors and give the seniors the attention that they deserve.


We look forward to seeing you again next year!

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