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Dear Friends,

C.A.R.E. Society is a Canadian-registered charitable organization based in Vancouver, Canada, that was established in 1994.

Since 2001, we have enjoyed the privilege of being in partnership with Asia Miles who allow their members worldwide to donate Asia Miles points to support our family reunification and disaster relief programs. This has become a great success and we have extended the program to educate university students to become more globally concerned and become involved in humanitarian work in all parts of the world.

We are grateful for Asia Miles's generosity for almost two decades of partnership. With your continued support we are confident that our program will keep growing and more needy people will benefit. Hopefully this website will give you a brief overview of this unique opportunity to get extra value from your donation of Asia Miles points.

Marion Man, President


  1. To bring seniors out of isolation by providing indoor and social activities to promote friendships within their residences.

  2. To bring seniors out of depression by encouraging them to be involved in the community and in Nature by providing them with outdoor activities – ‘Seniors on the Go'.

  3. To enrich and empower the lives of seniors by training leaders within their residences to provide mutual help and support.

  4. To enable families in need, through our Asia Miles program, to be re-united with loved ones.

  5. To support volunteers in disaster relief efforts by providing air tickets to travel to affected parts of the world.

  6. To train University students to become more globally-minded through humanitarian work in needy areas of the world.

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