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Restoring Lost Childhood to Children in India

One dedicated student has been volunteering with India for over three years. She found it rewarding to help impoverished families grow in a healthy and loving environment.

She collaborated with King’s Kids School and Children’s Home in rural Andhra Pradesh, India with the goal to restore the childhood that was lost in this community. The children in this community have all been orphaned, abused, marginalized, or underprivileged. This student aimed to bring hope and healing to the children in Andhra Pradesh.

King’s Kids School provides free education and the children’s home have provides care for more than 30 children. With the help of this student, professional instructional development sessions were held with teachers, children were attended to, and relationships with other countries to expand this project were developed.

During her time with King’s Kids School and Children’s Home, she experience one of the children display an act of generosity by distributing his share of his own meal until he almost had nothing left. This child cared about his friends a lot more than anything else. He did not mind that he have very little in the end as it made both others and him happy.

This dedicated student hopes that one day the children in the community will follow this example and will return the compassion and have a heart for volunteering in the future.

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