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Search for Identity


Born in China in 1931, Mr. Lo has been living in Canada for 50 years after he immigrated with his parents in 1954. Only 25 years ago, Mr. Lo learned from his stepmother that he was adopted. His original family in China lived in a very poor village and his parents couldn't support themselves and their children. Mr. Lo was given away to someone in the next village to raise. Adopted at 1 years old, Mr. Lo took on his foster parents name and was raised by his new family.

Mr. Lo had no knowledge of his original family and lived in isolation not knowing his own identity. Consequently he was very surprised when, in the summer of 2000, he received an advertisement from a newspaper in Vancouver. The ad was about a family looking for their brother who was adopted when he was young. It turns out that Mr. Lo's real name is Lee, and his original family was trying to locate him through newspapers in Vancouver! Mr. Lo's third brother asked a friend to put an ad in the newspaper in Vancouver.

The joy of finding his real family was tampered by news that his parents had died. Saddened by the fact that he would never get to meet or talk to his mother and father, Mr. Lo wanted to return to visit his parents' graveyard to pay respects. Also, Mr. Lo now had siblings that he never knew about and would like to reconnect with his blood ties and birthplace.

Mr. Lo was disappointed once again when he found he could not afford to travel back to China to visit his new family. He hoped that he would be able to make it to China while he is still able to walk. Mr. Lo expressed hope "to go back to see my third brother and his wife, and all the relatives! The most important thing is to pay respect to my mother at her grave." To that day, Mr. Lo had not had any contact with his original family, and all the information he knew about them came from the newspaper ad. Mr. Lo continued to live alone in low cost housing, wondering if he would ever get the chance to bond with his family.

Mr. Lo is a devoted and passionate person who has donated his time and energy to help out as a volunteer for C.A.R.E. Mr. Lo helps everyone in the building by reading the news to them, fixing their electric appliances and taking the seniors to their doctors' appointments. As a model volunteer for C.A.R.E., and now having gained a new family, we were happy to see if Points of Contact can help him visit the family he hasn't seen for over 60 years.

Upon arrival in China, Mr. Lo was met with a hero's welcome! Not only were his entire family waiting for him, but the tv and news reporters were there as well! Mr. Lo is officially the oldest relative to return for a family reunion in their history!

Mr. Lo is very happy to have finally met his true family and remarked at the strong resemblance to his older brother. Most importantl was the sense of homecoming as he met with his many blood relatives and toured the place where his family came from. "It feels so good to be home!"

On the day of his departure, his friends and fellow residents in the seniors housing complex held a party for Mr. Lo and pooled their resources to give him a lucky red envelope. His willingness to help and look out for others had been reciprocated as his friends and us at C.A.R.E. wish him good luck on his voyage

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